evaluation possible futures


This project is the most complicated project for me. In this project I learned something new, because the past project we still depends on what theme that we given. We have to be more independent in planning, making and most importantly, the result. Even though its pretty hard since we manage all by our  self, in this way, one way that I really enjoy and try to stick to it is managing time with a planner.

Research is definitely effects in this project, which at the beginning I visited some furniture/ product shops from famous place to vintage store.

I found to start making the final project is very difficult to me, and I’m more focused on observation. One which really effects is to reasearching kitchen tools or cutlery since my main focus are chopsticks, bowl, and mug.

I chose chopsticks just because a lot of people still didn’t know how to use it, especially children. I modernised this tool which make it chopstick plus spoon. This time, my main target are people who wants to eat asian food but couldn’t  manage how to use chopstick, or people just lazy to use spoon. To set all the cultery, I managed to make bowl and a mug to complete the set. Also, I don’t collaborate with anyone because I made all the products by my self without needing any ‘collaboration’.

My communication skills has improved, and how I talk to people. Because I talked to people to have some opinion, conversation about the project, etc. in the future I hope that I could be more independent and organised in making products.